Services experience in a wide range of business

Mexico and Central America Trade Consultants

BDP has experience in a wide range of business intelligence and support services related to many industries.

We work closely with our clients to meet their specific needs for each individual project.

The following are examples of some types of services commonly requested by our clients:

Brand representation

Seek out and develop sales channels and new clients for consumer and industrial products. Serve as in-market manufacturer’s representative.

Customized market research

Reports of this type commonly include information such as estimated market value, the role of imports in the market, key competitors, end-user industries, leading sales channels, product-specific import regulations, industry-specific trade shows, organizations and publications, and other relevant business intelligence.

Customized market research

Business partner search

Most often in the form of an agent/distributor search, these projects identify appropriate potential local business partners based on criteria established by the client. A search could also be for other types of business partners, such as a fabricator or supplier of a product, or a specialized service provider. Reports include contact information for the interested local companies, a brief profile of their business and other relevant market intelligence gathered during the project research, in addition to industry-specific trade shows, organizations and publications of interest.

Customized Business Appointments

For clients seeking to visit a target country for sales outreach, we identify interested potential customers or business partners and arrange a schedule of meetings with these companies in consultation with the client. This service includes the arranging of language interpretation and local transportation services when requested.

Market potential assessment

Market potential assessment is a pre-research look to estimate whether a market may exist in Mexico or Central America for a specific product. If the product is present in the market, or potential local clients express interest in the case of a new product, clients may decide to request customized research to identify best channels and potential customers.

Regulatory requirements

Regulatory reports identify any specific requirements established by government agencies for the importation and sale of products in Mexico. These may take the form of required labeling information and presentation, product registration or permits, or other forms of documentation necessary under Mexico’s Official Mexican Norms (NOMs) safety and performance laws. Agencies issuing such requirements include the Ministries of Health, Agriculture, the Environment and Defense, among others.

Event organization

In-country events may have a variety of forms and objectives. Services depend on the nature of the event, and could include working with clients to target and recruit event attendees or partners, carrying out local recruitment, arranging event venues, catering and other support services needed, arranging meeting schedules with appropriate potential business partners, arranging the services of professional translators and transportation providers, organizing receptions, and other support as needed. Examples of successful events we have organized for clients include:

Multi-company trade missions

Product presentations

Annual meetings and seminars

Trade show participation

Trade show promotion and recruitment

We identify potential candidates in the target region to attend the client’s trade show, send out promotional materials to the appropriate contact person at each company, and follow up by phone to register those interested in attending the show.