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All the projects we undertake are designed in response to each individual client's specific needs.

Click on the tabs above for some examples of our recent projects.

A European chemical manufacturer sought to introduce a new product into the Mexican market as an ingredient for a consumer cleaning product. The project involved finding a sales partner with sufficient relationships as well as technical capabilities to work with local manufacturers to reformulate existing products. We researched the market, target manufacturers and ingredient suppliers, and identified six candidates to partner with the client on new market development. Following client approval, we arranged a schedule of meetings for the client to visit the candidates’ facilities and negotiate possible collaboration. When the client representative traveled to Mexico, we arranged local logistics for the meetings, accompanied the representative to all the meetings and assisted with language interpretation and strategic analysis of the various candidates. With our assistance, the client chose a partner and is now developing the Mexican market for the product.

A U.S. producer of a specialized food ingredient requested that we research the Mexican market for dietary supplements and functional foods and provide a guide to regulatory requirements for the importation of the company’s product. We carried out the research and provided the client with a report detailing the characteristics of the market for dietary supplements and functional foods, including information such as market value and growth trends, leading brands, sales channels and key product niches. The report also included a regulatory section detailing product classification descriptions, regulatory requirements, steps for compliance and corresponding government agencies. The report provided contacts for selected manufacturers of dietary supplements and functional foods, distributors of related products, manufacturers and distributors of specialized ingredients, consultants for regulatory compliance and government regulatory agencies.

A U.S. state economic development agency wanted to send a trade mission to Mexico and Central America to generate new export opportunities for companies based in the state. We worked together with state officials to devise a multi-faceted program of one-on-one meeting agendas, market briefings, product presentations and cocktail receptions in multiple cities in Mexico and various Central American countries. While the agency recruited the mission participants, we arranged individual meeting agendas for each company in each city and country and set up lodging, local transportation and event venues and schedules in each location of the mission. During the mission, our staff accompanied state officials and individual company representatives throughout the mission to troubleshoot and assist at the events. Mission participants engaged new customers and increased their exports to Latin America as a result.

A European regional economic development agency from an area with information technology (IT) strengths was interested in evaluating the potential of the Mexican market for its region’s companies. We carried out research to identify characteristics, trends and growth areas in the Mexican IT industry and market and prepared an overview report for the client. Sub-sectors covered in the report included software, electronics, IT services, telecommunications, telephony, internet, mobile data services and cable and free-to-air television. The report also included descriptions of expected regulatory changes affecting the sectors covered and identified areas of opportunities for the client agency’s companies.

A multinational manufacturer of an agricultural equipment component sought to increase its market share in Central America by establishing relationships with authorized sales partners in key countries in the region. We researched the Central American market for the component and provided the client a report describing the competitive landscape and providing data for evaluation of market potential. The report also identified eight qualified sales partner candidates across four countries in the region. The client subsequently began quoting product and negotiating with the candidates to establish sales relationships.

Selected industries for which we have examined the market for specific products:
  • Agricultural products, inputs, machinery and equipment
  • Processed foods and food processing technology, materials and equipment
  • Environmental materials and equipment, green technologies
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Construction materials and equipment
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Aviation components, equipment and services
  • Telecommunications and information technology products
  • Medical and health care products and equipment
  • Automobile, truck and specialty vehicle parts and related products
  • Metal mechanic machinery and equipment
  • Hotel, restaurant and supermarket equipment and supplies
  • Retail and consumer goods
  • Financial services
  • Education