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Recent and upcoming investment in Mexico


Mexico has suffered something of a setback in its emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic over the past month.  On the epidemiological traffic light system, Mexico City had reached green, or mild restrictions, as the beginning of the month only to return to the higher restrictions of the yellow level following the June 6 national elections.  The number of states at the orange or significant restriction level rose from one to five during the month, with reported increases in COVID cases particularly in tourist zones such as the Riviera Maya (Cancun), Yucatan and Baja California.  No PCR test or quarantine is required to enter Mexico for travelers arriving by air.


  • Same-store retail sales jumped 33.9% in May with respect to the same month last year, the National Retailers Association (ANTAD) reported. The size of the increase is due largely to the plunge in sales in May 2020 resulting from the initial COVID-19 lockdowns. (Reforma, June 11, 2021)
  • Mexico’s central bank Banco de México (Banxico) raised its projection of GDP growth to 6.0% for the current year, up from a previous estimate of 4.8%. The improved outlook is based on advances in COVID-19 vaccination, strong demand for exports and better than expected first quarter growth. (Citibanamex Reporte Económico Diario, June 3, 2021)
  • Remittances to Mexico from abroad through the first four months of the year are running 19.1% ahead of the same period last year, central bank Banco de México (Banxico) reported. Remittances are on track to post their strongest annual growth since 2005. (Milenio, June 1, 2021)

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Mexican retail scrambling under COVID-19

Mexico, like most countries, has been hit hard by the COVID-19 global pandemic.  Although the number of confirmed cases in Mexico is still relatively low compared to the United States, the impact of containment measures on the economy has been severe.  With just over one full month of shutdown behind us, financial institutions are already projecting 2020 GDP growth for Mexico in the range of -9% and potentially worse.  Facing this outlook, retailers are scrambling just to stay in business first, and then to plan for an extended period of bleak near to mid-term consumer spending. Continue reading Mexican retail scrambling under COVID-19

Recent and upcoming investment in Mexico

Information collected from media reports over the last month:

  • Tourism: The Tourism Ministry of the northwestern state of Baja California announced a US$1.5 billion infrastructure development plan to support tourism. Projects include a hotel golf course and marina complex at San Felipe and a new airport for the Pacific coast city of Ensenada. (Reforma, January 28, 2020)
  • Pharmaceutical: U.S. drug maker Pfizer plans approximately US$20 million in investment to support Mexico operations this year, the company reported. Projects include ongoing renovation of the company’s Toluca manufacturing plant, development of clinical research protocols, educational programs and social responsibility projects. (El Financiero, January 27, 2020)
  • Ports: The Mexican government announced infrastructure and logistics firms Caxxor (UK) and Acxesa (Mexico) will invest approximately US$287 million to rehabilitate and expand the Puerto Chiapas port on the Pacific coast of the southern state of Chiapas. Acxesa plans to make further investments to begin operating maritime freight lines from the port to China via Guayaquil, Ecuador. (El Sol de México, January 25, 2020)
  • Logistics: U.S. logistics operator FedEx Express inaugurated an expansion to its fiscal warehousing complex at the international airport in the central city of Toluca, the company reported. The US$24.6 million expansion will allow the company to reduce processing time for both imports and exports at the site. (El Financiero, January 24, 2020)
  • Food processing: Swiss processed foods giant Nestlé reported plans to invest approximately US$700 million to modernize the 17 plants the company operates in Mexico. Projects include US$200 million for an environmentally cutting-edge coffee processing facility in Veracruz as well as latest technologies for boosting productivity, improving operational efficiency, expanding production cpacity and guaranteeing responsible natural resource management. (El Financiero, January 23, 2020) Continue reading Recent and upcoming investment in Mexico