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Gloomy election outlook for Mexico

Approximately three months remain before Mexicans go to the polls to elect a new president, and we are getting the impression that pundits and regular Josés alike are starting to get used to the idea that Andrés Manuel López Obrador might actually be elected this time.  We ourselves are laboring to come to grips with this potential outcome, in a process not unlike the seven stages of grief, although we’re still mostly stuck at stage four, depression.  We’re still struggling to accept that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, and now on top of that the prospect of our own populist nationalist zealot taking over…maybe this helps explain why mezcal sales are skyrocketing. Continue reading Gloomy election outlook for Mexico

Sullen outlook as Mexican mid-term elections near

The electorate
The electorate

Here in Mexico City the light poles and overpasses – and just about every other available surface – are festooned with taxpayer-financed electoral propaganda. Yes, there’s a buzz in the air, and it’s the sound of José Lunchpails across the nation saying “How can I possibly vote for any of these unconscionably corrupt political parties and their hopelessly venal candidates?”

To be honest, this will be our challenge when we head to the polls on June 7 to vote for members of the federal Chamber of Deputies, and in some locations for state governors and other local officials. Locally here in Mexico City, we will vote for representatives to the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District (ALDF) and heads of the city boroughs, called Delegaciones. In certain aspects, June 7 will be an election of firsts. Continue reading Sullen outlook as Mexican mid-term elections near

Guerrero mayhem rains on Mexican Moment parade

LightningMexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto must be getting that “I hate when that happens” feeling right about now. Just when he was starting to get some real traction in international media on the ‘Mexico rides energy reform to emerging market stardom’ theme, suddenly we’re back to hair-raising headlines trumpeting massacres and mass executions. During his nearly two years in office, Mr. Peña has worked very hard to overcome the image of Mexico as a scary, violent place and replace it with tales of middle class growth and a gleaming economic future. Unfortunately, the president has not worked nearly as hard on addressing the underlying causes and circumstances of the eye-popping violence that continues to land Mexico in worldwide news coverage. Continue reading Guerrero mayhem rains on Mexican Moment parade