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Biomass projects developing in shadow of energy reform

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Mexico’s 2014 energy industry reform generated a great deal of interest among foreign energy companies eager to participate in the the newly opened sector. Although most of the media coverage has focused on oil exploration and extraction, proponents of non-fossil-based fuels are hoping that the regulatory changes will spur growth in renewables as well.

In 2012, Mexico became one of the first countries to pass a national climate change law, setting ambitious targets for emissions reductions by 2020. Despite the legal directives, renewable energy development has been largely slow to galvanize, with most new investment channeled into wind power. While media coverage has focused on high cost mega-projects such as wind farms in the south and a small number of large scale solar plants in the north, proponents of biomass energy are working hard to develop some important new projects in this area. Continue reading Biomass projects developing in shadow of energy reform

Mexico dips toe in marine energy waters

Wave powerMexico has lagged behind Brazil in the development of renewable energy resources, but progress is being made in a number of areas.  From updated legislation allowing net metering to a veritable boom in wind farms, the country is definitely moving forward despite a public policy environment that is not always favorable.  Here at Mexico Business Blog we’ve touched on various renewable energy topics in recent years, from solar and wind to methane recovery, and we’ve researched liquid bio-fuels and biomass fuels as well.  Along the way, we realized we haven’t heard much about marine energy development in Mexico, despite the country’s nearly 5,800 miles of coastline.  So we decided to take a dip into the murky waters of publicly available information, and here’s what we found: Continue reading Mexico dips toe in marine energy waters