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Recent and upcoming investment in Mexico

Information collected from media reports over the past month:

  • Telecommunications: Mexican wireless services provider Maxcomm Telecomunicaciones projects investment of approximately US$67 million in 2015, the company reported. Projects are expected to include modernization of the company’s wireless technologies across service offerings. (El Financiero, October 28, 2014)
  • Food processing: U.S. cereal and snack maker Kellogg’s plans investment of approximately US$52 million in Mexico over the next three years, the company reported. Resources will focus on the company’s major production plant in the central state of Querétaro, to upgrade areas such as sustainability, productivity, and innovation and target the healthy-lifestyle market niche. (El Financiero, October 28, 2014)
  • Financial services: Canadian bank Scotiabank announced plans to invest approximately US$266 million in Mexico operations over the next five years. Anticipated projects include expanding the number of cash machines and retail branches in the Mexican market. (Finamex Casa de Bolsa Comentario de Apertura, October 29, 2014)
  • Information technology: Chinese information technology equipment and services giant Huawei plans investment of approximately US$1.5 billion in the central state of Querétaro, the Mexican federal government announced. Projects are expected to include a network operations center, research and development and training facilities. (El Economista, October 28, 2014)
  • Automotive: Mexican high-performance boutique auto maker Vuhl will establish its initial manufacturing plant in the central state of Querétaro, the Querétaro state government reported. The US$10 million facility is expected to produce chassis, suspensions and do the final assembly of the company’s Vuhl 05 model. (Querétaro State Government, October 26, 2014) Continue reading Recent and upcoming investment in Mexico

Brazil troubles hold no payoff for Mexico

Ordem e progresso
Ordem e progresso

When images of violent protests began streaming out of Brazil last month, some partisans here in Mexico may have felt a silent temptation to gloat.  Certainly no one wants to see people hurt, or property destroyed, in any country.  But considering the free ride Brazil received in international media in recent years – while Mexico was flogged like the family mule – a little tarnish on the South American giant’s reputation at least might be worth a dab of schadenfreude.  We, however, are not feeling it, and the quicker Brazil recovers the path to peace and prosperity, the better for all concerned.

Brazil and Mexico are presented as rivals at times, considering their role as Latin America’s two largest economies and emerging-market stars.  Readers of this blog know that we seize every opportunity to whinge about Brazil’s glamor-puss image while it plays dirty on trade policy. Continue reading Brazil troubles hold no payoff for Mexico

Media goes ga ga for bright future in Mexico

Lookin' good
Lookin' good

As we have crabbed before in this space, for the longest time it seemed like all you ever saw in the press about Mexico was nasty news about drug trafficking violence.  But at some point in 2012, it was like a new memo went out (and maybe one did), and all of a sudden stories started popping up about Mexico’s economic progress, bright future, and flashy manufacturing industries.  It’s not like our problems have gone away – they certainly have not – but it is nice to see something more positive in the media for once.  After a while we started collecting these stories to enjoy time and time again, so we thought we’d share them so that you can enjoy them as much as we have.

Go on, have a look.  Let’s savor our spell in the golden light of favor while it lasts: Continue reading Media goes ga ga for bright future in Mexico