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Brexit and Mexico

BrexitWe were positively gobsmacked when the news hit that the British electorate had voted to leave the European Union in the UK referendum held June 23, 2016.  We should add that when new Prime Minister Theresa May subsequently named Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary, we were whatever comes after gobsmacked in the hierarchy of silly English expressions, but we’ll save that topic for another post.  Not being stuffy pensioners in the Midlands, our prime concern over Brexit is the historical context for peace and prosperity in a unified Europe, and by extension the world.  After all, the history of Europe is largely the history of thousands of years of uninterrupted warfare until the EU’s monumental attempt to pacify the region through cooperation following World War II.  A handful of billion Euros here and there seems like a small price to pay for the opportunity for peace in Europe, but hey, what do we know here in the tropics.  In any case, as British millennials figuratively jumped off the roof in the aftermath of the vote, we naturally began wondering how Brexit would affect us in Mexico, despite being neither British nor European.

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Mexican companies investing abroad with gusto

Foreign adventures
Foreign adventures

In past posts, particularly comparing Mexico to Brazil, we have noted how Mexico historically has shied away from seeking a high profile role in the international community. As a top-20 economy and major exporter, Mexico could be forgiven for raising its aspirations, as Brazil seemed to do during its recent run in the economic limelight. Particularly with President Peña’s major push to attract foreign investment over the past two years, now might be the time for some calculated moves to increase Mexico’s international role. If the current administration harbored any notions of this type, however, they are likely stalled for the moment, what with recent news coverage dominated by tales of corruption and violence. Nonetheless, as Mexican political leaders continue to treat foreign adventures with trepidation, Mexican businesses appear to be finding ever more sure footing abroad. Continue reading Mexican companies investing abroad with gusto

Mexico hosts Green Solutions international sustainability conference

carbon creditAs Mexico’s year-long presidency of the 16th edition of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP16) drew to a close, ProMéxico hosted the Green Solutions conference and exposition November 23 – 25, 2011 in Mexico City.   The event consisted principally of three days of panel discussions on public policy related to climate change, amidst an exposition area featuring innovative products and services aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and overall depletion the world’s natural resources.   The first edition of the Green Solutions conference took place during the COP16 international conference held in Cancun one year ago.

The conference provided an excellent opportunity for those involved or interested in climate change mitigation to exchange perspectives on the outlook for greenhouse gas reduction and learn about projects and initiatives taking place in various parts of the world.  With the COP17 conference kicking off in Durban, South Africa today, at the forefront of discussion is the question of what will happen once the Kyoto Protocol expires at the end of 2012.  The agreement currently establishes ostensibly binding greenhouse gas reduction targets for participating developed nations, and key signatories such as Japan, Russia and Canada are showing little enthusiasm for re-upping once the current period concludes.   Continue reading Mexico hosts Green Solutions international sustainability conference