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Uncertainty prevails as Mexico election looms

The world is now 18 months into the Donald Trump era, and there is no doubt the U.S. president is making an impact, not only on the United States but on its trade partners as well.  The U.S. media depict in alarming terms a country in a deepening state of social conflict, with polarized liberals and conservatives abusing one another in public and political candidates risking their careers by opposing the strongman in the White House.  We’ll save the 1930s-Nazi-Germany parallels for the cantina but from our vantage point here in Mexico, the ongoing state of uncertainty in U.S. public policy is a real nuisance for North America across the board. Continue reading Uncertainty prevails as Mexico election looms

Cross-border families facing acute uncertainty

No me llames frijolero
No me llames frijolero

Since the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, concern over how this will affect Mexico has vaulted to the forefront of public debate on this side of the border.  We worry about all the new problems we (probably? maybe?) will have from topics on the table such as NAFTA repeal, mass deportations, the border wall, etc. We wring our hands publicly about the plight of Mexican migrants in the USA, but mostly we’re thinking about what will become of us here at home.  For this reason, we asked a colleague based in the United States to provide us some perspective from north of the border, particularly with regard to the impact on binational families such as his.  Journalist Steve Cannon lived in Mexico City for many years before moving to the United States with his family in 2016.  As a family including both U.S. and Mexico passport holders – of which there are many in both countries – the Cannons now face challenges and uncertainty that may not have seemed apparent before last November’s presidential election.  Mexico Business Blog greatly appreciates the thoughts that Steve has shared with us, which follow below. Continue reading Cross-border families facing acute uncertainty