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Baja California is still great

A few years ago, we posted in this space about a visit to Baja California Sur, one of Mexico’s most remote states.  We love Baja California and Baja California Sur and had the good fortune to visit the southern tip of the peninsula again recently for a couple weeks, and we are happy to report that Baja is still great.  After nearly two years of COVID-19 pandemic, our previous visit seems long ago and far away, and the travel industry has taken a beating in recent times.  But people need to work and get on with their lives, so we were happy to see that folks were doing just that and it appears that Baja California Sur is actually prospering against all odds. Here are a few thoughts on what we observed in August and September of 2021. Continue reading Baja California is still great

Baja California is a swell place to visit

CactusRepeat visitors to this space will know that this is not a travel blog.  We are much more likely to discuss natural gas pipelines than to wax about resorts and yoga on the beach at sunrise, preferring to leave those complicated topics to skilled specialists such as Cancun Canuck and Mexican at Heart.  Nonetheless, tourism is one of the most important sectors of the Mexican economy, so it is fair game.  With this in mind, we took advantage of the recent holiday period to head up to the state of Baja California Sur to do some research on two critically important market sectors: fish tacos and beer.  Our fieldwork revealed that Baja is a great place to visit!  And along the way, we also observed some interesting quirks about the local economy. Continue reading Baja California is a swell place to visit