Recent and upcoming investment in Mexico

Information collected from media reports over the last month:

  • Cement: Swiss building materials multinational Holcim is projecting Mexico investment this year of up to US$50 million to extend its distribution network around the country, the company reported. Plans also include increasing production capacity at its cement and concrete plants, reducing emissions and improving operating efficiency. (El Economista, January 27, 2019)
  • Pharmaceutical: U.S. drug maker Pfizer plans to invest approximately US$26 million in Mexico operations this year to speed the launch of new products, the company reported. Resources will support upgrades to Pfizer’s Toluca manufacturing plant, expansion of clinical research and implementation of social and educational programs in the country. (El Financiero, January 28, 2019)
  • Pet supplies: U.S. pet products specialty retailer Petco reported plans to invest US$20 million this year to support Mexico operations. Projects include opening 20 new sales locations, remodeling existing stores and upgrading the chain’s e-commerce platform. (El Financiero, January 28, 2019)
  • Fuel transport: Mexican energy company Avant Energy is projecting investment of approximately US$90 million this year to boost supply of gasoline to central Mexico. Plans include installing infrastructure for the transport of fuel by rail to the state of Querétaro for transfer to tanker trucks, as well as upgrading capability for the transfer of gasoline from ships to rail tankers at Gulf port facilities. (El Financiero, January 21, 2019)
  • Fuel storage: Mexican lubricants manufacturer Akron reported plans to construct six fuel storage terminals in the western and northwestern regions of Mexico. The sites, requiring investment of approximately US$310 million, reportedly will be equipped to receive both rail and tanker truck fuel deliveries. (Reforma, January 15, 2019)
  • Logistics: The Mexican subsidiary of U.S. industrial real estate operator O’Donnell Group is projecting investment of approximately US$310 million to build warehouse and distribution sites in central Mexico, the company reported. O’Donnell anticipates the growth of e-commerce will drive increasing demand for specialized logistics infrastructure. (El Financiero, January 11, 2019)
  • Wind power: Spain-based Acciona Energía in association with Mexican renewable energy developer Tuto Energía announced completion of a new solar electricity generation park in the northwestern state of Sonora. The US$349 million plant, set to begin generation during the first quarter of 2019, is projected to produce 963 GWh of power per year. (Inversión & Finanzas, January 10, 2019)
  • Fuel storage: U.S. transport and storage company Bulkmatic, through its Mexico subsidiary Bulkmatic de México, plans to construct a fuel storage and distribution terminal in the central state of Hidalgo, the company reported. The US$80 million rail-access site is planned to supply gasoline and diesel to the Mexico City metropolitan area. (El Financiero, January 17, 2019)
  • Textiles: Chinese manufacturer F&H Fibras initiated construction of a new production plant in the central state of Querétaro, the state government reported. The US$40 million site is expected to produce textile fiber from recycled plastic for domestic consumption as well as export. (El Financiero, January 10, 2019)
  • Financial services: The Mexican Banking Association (AMB) projects banks operating in Mexico will invest over US$4 billion over the next two years to support efforts to expand the reach of financial services throughout the country. Strategies will include modernizing branch networks and improving products, services and infrastructure in general, the AMB reported. (El Financiero, January 9, 2019)
  • Hotels: U.S. hotel operator RLH Corp. is projecting investment of approximately US$260 million to construct two hotel complexes on the Pacific coast of the state of Nayarit, the company reported. The developments, which will include residential properties, will operate under the brands Rosewood and One & Only.  (El Financiero, January 3, 2019)


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